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The quarter pallet lifter LogiQ 200/300, with the capacity of 200KG/300KG, is an indispensable partner, for you, who have to transport quarter pallets in e.g. supermarkets, storage and packing areas, and gas stations. Quarter pallets are perfect for display pallets, and LogiQ 200/300 is designed for lifting and moving quarter pallets to the location of display.


LogiQ 200/300 is very manoeuvrable, and can operate everywhere, also in confined areas. The handle has ergonomically correct gripping angles, which ensures a relaxed hold. The wheels ensure a comfortable and noiseless transport – and they are gentle to the fine floor and flagstone layer in your workplace.


Logitrans equipment is supplied with variable options, please contact our sales team for a detailed quote:

01462 659180 

Logitrans Single-Leg Pallet Truck LQHM 200/300 - Price POA

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