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High flexibility and efficiency: With only one truck, you can transport, lift and handle goods in many ways with lift heights of 920mm or 1650mm.

The design of the stabler ensures a high level of safety and correct ergonomic working conditions. Logiflex can be adjusted to the individual user, and the ergonomic correct handle ensures the user a relaxed hold.

Optimal utilisation of space: Logiflex has a compact construction and is very manoeuvrable, and therefore works well in narrow spaces and small rooms.

High quality is ensured through an extended test program and in cooperation with experts in Health and Safety.


Logitrans equipment is supplied with variable options, icluding a straddle version, please contact our sales team for a detailed quote:

01462 659180 

Logitrans Manual Stacker LF MINI 1002 - Price POA

  • Call for Logitrans shipping ETA

    01462 659180

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