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Introducing the Logitrans EHL 1004 Electric High-Lift Pallet Truck, a versatile and efficient solution for material handling tasks in warehouses, distribution centres, and manufacturing facilities. This high-quality pallet truck combines robust construction with advanced features to streamline operations and enhance productivity.


Electric-Powered: The Logitrans EHL 1004 is equipped with an electric drive system, allowing for effortless manoeuvrability and precise control during operation.
High-Lift Design: With its high-lift capabilities, the EHL 1004 enables operators to lift loads to ergonomic working heights, reducing strain and fatigue associated with manual handling.
Adjustable Forks: The adjustable forks allow for easy customisation to accommodate various load sizes and weights, providing versatility for different material handling tasks.
Compact Design: The compact dimensions of the EHL 1004 make it easy to navigate in confined spaces or narrow aisles, maximising efficiency and productivity.
Safety Features: The EHL 1004 is equipped with safety features such as a brake system and wheel guards, ensuring operator safety and preventing accidents in the workplace.
Ergonomic Handle: The ergonomic handle design ensures comfortable operation and reduces operator fatigue during prolonged use.



  • The electric-powered drive system of the EHL 1004 allows for efficient and precise movement of loads, reducing manual effort and minimising downtime.
  • With its adjustable forks and high-lift design, the EHL 1004 is versatile and suitable for a wide range of material handling tasks in various industries.
  • The high-lift design and ergonomic handle of the EHL 1004 promote proper posture and reduce strain on operators, enhancing comfort and productivity.
  • The EHL 1004 is equipped with safety features to protect operators and prevent accidents in the workplace, providing peace of mind for both operators and managers.
  • Built to withstand the rigours of industrial use, the EHL 1004 offers long-lasting durability and reliability, ensuring years of trouble-free operation.


Logitrans equipment is supplied with variable options, please contact our sales team for a detailed quote:

01462 659180 

Logitrans Highlifter EHL 1004


    01462 659180


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