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Introducing the NDP pallet truck scale, setting the standard for precision and efficiency in material handling operations. With a maximum error of just 0.1%, even on uneven floor conditions, this scale ensures accurate weighing results every time, making it an indispensable tool for a wide range of applications.


Powered by a mains rechargeable battery, the NDP pallet truck scale offers approximately 70 hours of continuous use, providing extended operation time for uninterrupted productivity. Its automatic sleep mode further enhances efficiency by conserving battery life, allowing for up to 4200 weighing actions before recharging is required.


The user-friendly display of the NDP pallet truck scale is designed for optimal readability from any angle, eliminating the need for a backlight and ensuring effortless operation in any lighting condition. Additionally, with an IP65 rating, these pallet trucks can be safely washed down when necessary, maintaining hygiene and cleanliness in the workplace.


For added convenience and functionality, optional extras such as a printer are available to enhance data recording and management capabilities. With fork sizes of 550mm or 685mm by 1150mm and capacities ranging from 2000kg x 500g to 2000kg x 1kg, the NDP pallet truck scale offers versatility to suit diverse material handling needs.


Experience precision, efficiency, and reliability in material handling—choose the NDP pallet truck scale for your operations and elevate your productivity to new heights.

Lift-It Weighscale Pallet Truck NDP

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