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Introducing the Lift-It 15 and 20 Long Reach Pallet Trucks, the epitome of reliability, robustness, and versatility in material handling equipment. Engineered with the latest technology and ergonomic design principles, these pallet trucks are built to excel in demanding warehouse and industrial environments.


Crafted with sturdy and strong steel frames, the Lift-It 15 and 20 pallet trucks offer unmatched durability, ensuring they can withstand the rigours of daily use. Their robust construction not only enhances longevity but also contributes to the smooth running, easy steering, and manoeuvrability of these high-quality, heavy-duty pallet trucks.


The Lift-It 15 Long Reach Pallet Truck comes in two variants: 550×2000 and 680×2000, offering flexibility to meet diverse operational needs. Similarly, the Lift-It 20 is available in two sizes: 550×1500 and 680×1500, providing options to suit various load sizes and configurations.


Whether you're transporting pallets of goods across a warehouse floor or loading and unloading trucks in a distribution centre, the Lift-It 15 and 20 Long Reach Pallet Trucks are your go-to solution for efficient and reliable material handling. 

Lift-It Long Reach Pallet Truck

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