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Discover the versatility and reliability of our BS30D medium-duty Lift Table, designed to streamline your material handling tasks with ease. Boasting a robust 300kg capacity and double lifting height capabilities, this Lift Table is the ideal solution for warehouses, workshops, and industrial facilities seeking a dependable and efficient lifting solution.


Whether you require additional lifting height for elevated storage or enhanced manoeuvrability in tight spaces, our BS30D Lift Table offers the flexibility you need. Choose between single or double scissor options to meet your specific lifting requirements, ensuring optimal performance and versatility for a variety of applications.


Equipped with polyurethane wheels and rear brake castors, our Lift Table delivers stability and safety during operation, even on uneven surfaces. The inclusion of wheel guards further enhances protection, minimising the risk of damage and ensuring smooth and reliable performance over time.


For added convenience, our BS30D Lift Table is available in both manual and electric models, allowing you to choose the option that best suits your operational needs and preferences. Whether you prefer the simplicity of manual operation or the efficiency of electric power, our Lift Table provides the versatility and functionality required to optimise your material handling processes.


Invest in the BS30D Lift Table today and experience the difference it can make in your workplace. With its durable construction, versatile features, and reliable performance, it's the perfect solution for enhancing productivity and efficiency in your material handling operations.

Lift-It Lift Table BS30D

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