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Introducing the Lift Table BS15, the ultimate solution for efficient and ergonomic material handling in warehouses, workshops, and industrial environments. Engineered with precision and built to last, this versatile lift table is designed to streamline your operations and enhance productivity.


The BS15 features a robust and durable construction, ensuring reliable performance even under heavy loads. Its sturdy platform provides a stable surface for lifting and lowering materials, while the wide toe plate and wheel guards offer added safety and control during operation.


Equipped with large 250mm diameter pneumatic wheels, the BS15 glides smoothly over uneven surfaces, providing a smooth and stable ride even in challenging environments. Additionally, the lift table is fitted with plastic tube protectors to reduce the risk of damage to goods during transport.


Whether you're lifting heavy machinery, loading and unloading pallets, or organising inventory, the Lift Table BS15 is your go-to solution for efficient and safe material handling. Choose reliability and efficiency – choose the Lift Table BS15 for your lifting needs.

Lift-It Lift Table BS15

SKU: 284215376135191
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