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Introducing the Lift-It Stacker, a powerhouse in the realm of materials handling equipment. Engineered for heavy-duty performance, this stalwart is the perfect companion for warehouses with towering racking systems or bustling loading docks. Whether you're manoeuvring goods from the depths of a lorry or orchestrating precision lifts in the heart of a bustling warehouse, the Lift-It Stacker rises to the occasion with unrivalled strength and reliability.


Available in four distinct maximum lifting capacities, each model of the Lift-It Stacker is designed to cater to a spectrum of needs. From the smallest loads to the heaviest of burdens, there's a Lift-It Stacker to match your unique requirements.


Consult our spec sheet to pinpoint the perfect model that aligns with your operational demands, and elevate your materials handling capabilities to new heights with the Lift-It Stacker.

Lift-It Heavy Duty Stacker 1016/1025/1030

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