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Introducing the Lift-It 50, the epitome of heavy-duty material handling excellence. Designed to tackle the toughest tasks with ease, this hand pallet truck boasts an extra-strong frame and an uprated pump unit, making it capable of effortlessly lifting and shifting loads of up to an impressive 5000kgs. Whether you're dealing with bulky machinery, large pallets, or heavy equipment, the Lift-It 50 rises to the occasion, providing unmatched strength and reliability to meet your most demanding material handling needs.


Meanwhile, the Lift-It 30 stands as a formidable heavy-duty pump truck, offering a lift capacity of 3000kgs. Featuring an independent oil storage reservoir, this pump truck is engineered to prevent hydraulic leaks, ensuring consistent performance and reliability even in the most challenging environments. With its robust construction and reliable hydraulic system, the Lift-It 30 delivers the strength and durability you need to handle heavy loads with confidence and ease.


Choose the Lift-It series for unparalleled performance and reliability in heavy-duty material handling. With the Lift-It 50 and Lift-It 30, you can trust Nationwide Handling to provide the tools you need to get the job done safely and efficiently, every time.

Lift-It 50/30 Heavy Duty Pallet Truck

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