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Introducing the Lift-It Brake version, an innovative solution that combines the trusted features of our standard hand pallet truck with the added safety and control of a braking system tailored to your specific needs. Whether you require precise speed regulation for navigating lorry tail-lifts or maintaining control while descending inclines, the Lift-It Brake version ensures optimal safety and efficiency in any environment.


Available in three sizes—540×1000, 540×1150, and 680×1000—the Lift-It Brake version offers versatility to suit various load sizes and configurations. With its robust construction and reliable braking system, this pallet truck provides peace of mind and confidence in your material handling operations.


Experience the ultimate combination of safety, control, and efficiency with the Lift-It Brake version. Trust Nationwide Handling to provide the tools you need to enhance safety and productivity in your workplace.

Lift-It 25 Hand Brake Pallet Truck

SKU: 21554345656
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