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Introducing the EP ES15-33DM Heavy Duty Straddle Stacker, a game-changer in the world of material handling. Building upon the success of the ES15-15ES, this powerhouse stacker combines all the advantages of its predecessor with the added versatility of straddle legs, enabling it to handle closed bottom pallets and other challenging loads with ease.


With a hefty load capacity of 1.5 tonnes and a lift height of 3230mm, the ES15-33DM is designed to tackle even the most demanding tasks in busy warehouses and goods-in applications. Whether it's unloading lorries or moving goods within a bustling warehouse environment, this stacker delivers unmatched performance and reliability.


The straddle legs of the ES15-33DM provide enhanced stability and support, allowing operators to safely lift and transport loads of various shapes and sizes. This versatility makes it the perfect solution for handling a wide range of materials, from pallets to irregularly shaped items, without compromising on efficiency or safety.


Equipped with intuitive controls and ergonomic features, the ES15-33DM ensures operator comfort and ease of use, even during long shifts. Its compact design and manoeuvrability allow for easy navigation in tight spaces, maximising productivity and minimising downtime.


Experience the power and versatility of the EP ES15-33DM Heavy Duty Straddle Stacker and take your material handling operations to new heights. Choose Nationwide Handling for all your stacking needs and unlock the full potential of your warehouse or facility.


Lift Height                  Capacity        

3230mm                      1500Kgs         


Other sizes available, for more information call 01462 659180

EP Heavy Duty Straddle Stacker ES15-33DM


    01462 659180

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