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EP KPL201 Ride-On Powered Electric Pallet Truck


The KPL201 Electric Pallet Truck can move heavy loads up to 2000 kg over long distances. 


The KPL201 is a high-speed Lithium ride-on pallet truck, ideal for efficient loading and unloading. It offers innovative AC systems for power, control, and performance. With a driving speed of 10km/h, it provides excellent ergonomics, stability, and operator safety. The truck features a fixed suspended platform, a protective cabin, an adjustable-height tiller, and automatic deceleration during steering. It is designed for high efficiency and heavy-duty tasks, making it the best choice for extended pallet movement and loading/unloading of HGVs from loading docks.

It's equipped with a heavy-duty, powerful AC motor, operator's standing platform, and lithium-Ion (Li-On) battery, offering 6 hours of continuous use operations. Charge fully in as little as 2.5 hrs. 

Size                                 Capacity         

540mm x 1000mm         2000kgs         


Other sizes available, for more information call 01462 659180





  • Robust construction
  • High-performance 
  • Li-ion ease of use
  • Comfortable-acting pedal enhances driver convenience in the KPL201.
  • Offers excellent visibility and allows the operator to lean against the protective steel enclosure.
  • Highly valued by logistics companies and the manufacturing industry globally.




  • Excels in loading and unloading HGVs using ramps, with adeptness in handling inclines.
  • Ideal for extensive warehouse operations, especially in distribution centers and prolonged pallet transportation.
  • The perfect tool for demanding and long-haul tasks, ensuring operator safety with its enclosed compartment design.




EP KPL-201 Ride On Powered Electric Pallet Truck

£7,599.00 Regular Price
£6,999.00Sale Price

    01462 659180

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