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The EP F-Series F4 Li-ion Powered Pallet Truck is the next-generation electric pallet truck from EP Equipment.


F4 is the most flexible truck in the F series as a result of its configuration. Featuring a two-battery slot design, F4 is an all-rounder to cope with various levels of applications with two battery options from occasional usage to long work shifts.



The F4 offers the most cost-effective handling solution with maximum flexibility due to the configuration. Operators have options to choose one battery plus a portable storage container or two batteries to meet multiple work settings, from light to heavy duties, from indoors to outdoors.


The new trucks are equipped with a newly developed Li-Ion battery and integrated chargers for maximum flexibility.


Due to its compact size of only 400mm to face of forks, the new F4 Elextric Pallet Trucks are the perfect trucks for any standard application in warehouses, logistics and industry.

EP F-Series F4 Li-ion Powered Pallet Truck

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