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Introducing the EP ES12-25DM stacker, your ultimate solution for optimising daily operations in small warehouses, production areas, or retail settings. Designed to enhance efficiency and streamline workflow, this stacker is a game-changer for businesses looking to maximise space and productivity.


Ideal for confined spaces, the ES12-25DM stacker features a compact yet robust design that makes it perfect for manoeuvring in tight aisles or navigating crowded production floors. Its straddle leg configuration offers versatility, allowing it to lift closed bottom pallets while still operating efficiently in confined areas or while loading and unloading lorries.


With a lifting capacity of up to 1.2 tons and a maximum lift height of 2.5 meters, this stacker is well-equipped to handle a variety of tasks with ease. From stacking goods on shelves to transporting materials across the warehouse, the ES12-25DM stacker ensures smooth and efficient operations day in and day out.


Experience the power and versatility of the EP ES12-25DM stacker and take your daily working routine to the next level. Choose Nationwide Handling for all your material handling needs and unlock the full potential of your small-scale operations.




Lift Height                   Capacity         

2930mm                      1200Kgs         




Lift Height                   Capacity         Price

1520mm                      1200Kgs         £3849



Other sizes available, for more information call 01462 659180

EP Electric Straddle Stacker ES12-25DM/ES12-25MM


    01462 659180

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