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With so many PPT’s on the market it is sometimes difficult for customers to know which model is correct for application and better suited for the customer’s needs.

As we offer a complete range of PPT’s at Nationwide Handling here are a few brief points to ensure  our customers make the correct choice from our entry level semi electric pallet truck to our all singing and dancing ride on EP20-20RAS, which has a large traction or lithium battery and power steering.

EP-J1 Semi Electric Powered Pallet Truck – For light use in confined spaces or to use on the back of a lorry or production line.

EP20-15ET Maximin or Logitrans Panther Mini – For use in retail premises, busy production areas or to move heavy goods up loading ramps and goods-in areas.

EP20-20WA or Logitrans Panther Maxi – For busy loading areas and warehouses to move heavy loads for long periods of time and to use for steep inclines. Also suitable for building sites with good floors and busy retail warehouses.

EP20-20RAS Ride-on Powered Pallet Truck – Ideal to transport heavy goods over a long distance and to work long periods of time.  Can also be used for order picking or unloading containers backed on a loading bay.

For more details or to arrange a demonstration please call or visit our website www.nationwidehandling.co.uk

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