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Which Powered or Electric Pallet Truck?

With so many models of Electric and Powered Pallet Trucks available it can be difficult for the customer to ensure they buy the correct model for the application. As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Logitrans and EP Powered and Electric Pallet Trucks there are a few points below to help you make the correct choice:

  1. For lorries and lighter duties; the EP J1, Easy 12 and EP20-EA or the Logitrans Panther Mini would be ideal.

  2. For a medium use application; the EP Maximin or EP20-18EA Fully Powered Pallet Trucks would be ideal or the Logitrans Panther Maxi Electric Pallet Truck. All models have maintenance free batteries and built in chargers either 240 or 110 Volts.

  3. For heavy duty tasks and applications, we recommend the EP20-20WA or EP20-20RAS Powered Pallet Trucks which have a 2 ton capacity and heavy duty traction battery to ensure longer working hours with the ability to move heavy loads. The EP20-20RAS also has a ride on platform and power steering which makes the application easier and efficient for the operator.

To find out more details or arrange a demonstration,

Please call us on 01462 659180 or email us on sales@nationwidehandling.co.uk

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