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When is my Materials Handling Equipment service due?

As callout emergency repairs can prove to be very costly preventive maintenance and regular servicing of your Powered Pallet Trucks, Semi Electric and Powered Stackers as well as most Materials Handling Equipment is always a better option because it prolongs the life of the equipment and the machine will run more efficiently plus more importantly ensures the company is legally compliant and is safe for the operator to use.

“But when should it be serviced?” I hear you ask – as a rule at least once a year depending on application, twice in a year if it is used a lot or the working environment is harsh. This leads me to another phrase I regularly hear “Oh my insurance company looks after the truck.” Unless things have rapidly changed over my 30 years in the business and I missed it! no insurance company to my knowledge services or maintains Materials Handling Equipment, they may inspect the equipment to ensure it’s safe to use or even provide a LOLER certificate and Thorough Examination but no regular maintenance or servicing.

Here at Nationwide Handling we can provide a service and maintenance plan and certification of Thorough Examinations or LOLERs for all types of Materials handling Equipment including Powered, Electric Stackers, Electric Pallet Trucks plus Lift tables, High Lifters and Manual Pallet Trucks.

To arrange a site visit or discuss please call 01462 659180

Or email us at service@nationwidehandling.co.uk

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