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Types of Hand Pallet Trucks

Last month I mentioned the humble Hand Pallet Truck which got me thinking about how versatile this piece of equipment is and how much research and development has gone into this piece of equipment over the years in order to suit the many applications it is used for and meet the ever evolving Materials Handling Equipment requirements.

These thoughts were prompted by all the different types of Manual Pallet Trucks which have gone out this week.

Listed below are but a few of the different types of Hand Pallet Trucks available:

  1. Low Profile Pallet Trucks for the awkward pallets

  2. Galvanised and Stainless Steel Pallet Trucks for the food and pharmaceutical industry

  3. Long Reach Pallet Trucks for the construction industry and large pallets

  4. Weigh scale Hand Pallet Trucks for retail and warehouse applications.

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