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The many uses of a Pallet Truck

The versatility and adaptability of the pallet truck has made it one of the most important pieces of equipment for any business. Pallet trucks are seen as a vital piece of kit in a huge number of environments and are relied upon in industry and commerce. Be it in manufacturing or distribution, pallet trucks have a key role to play in contributing to the success of countless industry sectors. Pallet trucks can be used pretty much anywhere, from warehouses to shopping centres and even hospitals. Few other types of equipment offer the reliability and stability of pallet trucks and these two things are why they will continue to be one of the most important investments a company can make. Aside from the simple pallet truck, industries (especially those with warehouses) rely on all types of materials handling equipment. Manual and electric stackers are used to reach the higher shelving which is now common in most warehouses. Without equipment of this type, warehouses would be severely limited in the size and shape of their shelving which in turn would drastically reduce the amount of stock they can carry. For this reason, manual and electric stackers and pallet trucks are essential in any warehouse operation. Materials handling and logistics companies are responsible for a large majority of pallet trucks in service, it is very easy however to overlook the areas they are most important in. It is a rare lorry indeed that does not have at least a sack barrow and most will have a hard working pallet truck used on every delivery. With an estimated 500,000 lorries on UK roads at any given time, that is a lot of pallet trucks! For queries regarding any piece of materials handling equipment, give Nationwide Handling a call and we can give you the information you need on pallet trucks, repair, thorough examinations, spares and parts!

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