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The many benefits of the Logitrans Panther Silent

In our recent visit to Logitrans we had the chance to check out the Panther Silent and its benefits. Unlike electric pallet trucks, stackers and other materials handling equipment in the industry, the Panther Silent is unique; there is nothing else on the market to compare it to. It is much more than a standard pallet truck with rubber wheels, as you’ll find out below.

The Panther Silent was not only designed with noise volumes in mind, but also manoeuvrability. The very short length behind the forks and tight turning angle makes it ideal for use in confined areas. In addition to this, the Panther Silent is very light compared to most manual pallet trucks.

As a Logitrans truck, the Panther Silent comes equipped with the standard ergonomically correct handle but there are a few other ergonomic features that really stand out. The truck has permanent quick lift (tested up to 46,000 lifts) and an adjustable fork height which makes it very easy to use. On top of that, the Panther Silent requires only a tiny amount of starting power to get moving due to its light frame and rubber wheels.

Aside from the obvious quietness of the truck, the other key feature of the Panther Silent is the ability to move easily across gravel, shingle and other rough surfaces. In a test with several other truck and wheel types, the Panther proved significantly easier to work with on these surfaces. The wheels on standard pallet trucks would lock up and become damaged when moving over metal filings whereas the Panther Silent’s wheels would pass over them smoothly. The damage to the standard wheels was substantial whereas the filings would just fall off the Panther’s wheels. The cost savings because of this difference alone are worth considering.

You can find out much more about the Logitrans Panther Silent via the spec sheet available on the online shop.

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