• Ellie

The Importance of Logistics

Careers in the logistics sector are often overlooked, mainly because very few of us come into direct contact with its employees in our day to day lives. Often the only time people notice the logistics sector is when things go wrong. Because of this, the logistics sector and its employees tend to go unnoticed but it would surprise many people as to how vital this sector really is.

Everything we buy has to be at some point transported from supplier to consumer and there are an estimated 500,000 lorries on UK roads at any given time.

At Nationwide Handling, we try to do our bit to keep a sector worth fifty five billion pounds (and a whopping five percent of the UK GDP) running smoothly. Be it through servicing of pallet trucks and other materials handling equipment, repair of stackers and high lifters or even just having a huge range of pallet trucks and pallet truck spares for sale, we take pride in working with our customers to help keep business (and the entire country) moving.

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