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The Accident Plateau – Pallet Truck Maintenance Best Practice

Every day at least one worker in the UK suffers serious and often life changing injuries as a result of an incident involving materials handling equipment. This is a deeply troubling fact and what’s worse is that nearly all of these tragedies could have been avoided with a basic understanding of key safety principles. This phenomenon is known as ‘The Accident Plateau’. There’s no room for complacency where safety is concerned and there are many things you can do to ensure your staff and colleagues don’t turn into a statistic.

Regular maintenance is of paramount importance where pallet trucks are concerned. Keeping your pallet truck at its best always goes a long way in ensuring your employees are kept safe. Damaged or faulty wheels, frame, electrics and hydraulics can all have serious consequences and can leave you dealing with hefty fines, keep yourself covered! These factors not only affect regular pallet trucks but also stackers, high lifters, lift tables, electric pallet trucks and any other piece of equipment.

Another thing to seriously consider is Thorough Examination. Thorough Examination is there to ensure that all lifting and handling equipment is examined at least once a year.  This is not the same as a pallet truck service which is the actual work undertaken. A Thorough Examination is more like an MOT on your equipment. This also provides complete peace of mind knowing all of your materials handling equipment, be it standard pallet truck or electric stacker is fully certified and knowing that your obligation to look after Health and Safety is covered.

Unfortunately, nothing short of wrapping your entire workforce in bubble wrap will stop accidents 100%, but by ensuring these simple things are kept in check and by ensuring your staff are properly trained on the equipment in question, you can significantly reduce the chances of accidents occurring in your workplace.

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