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Short term versus long term rental of pallet trucks

What are the pros and cons of Short term versus long term rental of pallet trucks?

Many business models rely on making certain decisions regarding both the short and long term future of the organisation. These decisions can be related to anything, from office supplies to marketing strategies, and they all have huge effects on the way the business functions and operates on a day-to-day basis. Figures revealed by international research company, RedShift, have stated that around one tenth of all pallet trucks and forklift trucks across Europe have been rented on a short term basis. These trucks are an integral aspect of the everyday process within a workplace, and many choose to rent trucks every few weeks or months depending on their demands and needs.

This approach is a decidedly short-term one and can result in long-term losses for any organisation. In workplaces which rely heavily on manual labour, such as warehouses, docks, factories or building projects, pallet trucks are considered to be an extension of the workforce themselves. They boost productivity levels of all employees and they allow a greater volume of work to be carried out at a much higher speed. The complete reliance on these units by the employees who use them means that they should be invested heavily in, in order for a company to really look to the future.

Brand-new pallet trucks often come with the claim that they will last for years, even decades. When maintained properly and used within the parameters of all relevant health and safety guidelines, pallet trucks can indeed last for practically a lifetime. Their robust construction means they are able to withstand great weights and capacities, as well as the everyday wear and tear which occurs as part of any workplace which relies on manual labour. Even the most budget hand pallet trucks have a strong chance of lasting years when looked after properly, and this can save hundreds of pounds in the long run when compared with the expense of shelling out for rental trucks every few months. The long-term effect is more money left within budgets to be used to improve other areas of the organisation.

One of the other main issues with opting for short-term rentals is the fluctuating price. Rental companies often tweak their prices as demand shoots up. Christmas is a prime example of a time where rented trucks can often cost much more than at any other time of the year. It also happens to be the busiest time of the year for many buisnesses, so those in desperate need of an extra addition to their fleet of pump trucks might find themselves paying over-the-odds prices for trucks which they could have purchased themselves. Short-term solutions may seem like the most cost-effective way to solve an issue with manual handling apparatus, but looking to the long-term can see businesses thrive in years to come.


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