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Product Feature – Sack Truck

Sack Trucks (sometimes known as Sack Barrows) are one of the most commonly found pieces of materials handling equipment in any industry. Their light weight, versatility and sturdiness allow them to be effectively used in many different environments.

The primary use of a Sack Truck is to transport small to medium sized, heavy boxes. Products like the Lift-It G1350, ST150-P, ST200-P, Magliner, Alu Truck and Vel Trucks are all designed to help reduce common injuries involved with manual handling of materials.

Sack Trucks are mostly used in warehouses but can be found in any work environment that has a need to move items from A to B. They’re one of the smallest pieces of materials handling equipment you can buy; they can be stored easily and do not require any advanced training to use.


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