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Product Feature – Logitrans Panther Powered Pallet Trucks

The Logitrans Panther Mini and Panther Maxi are both powered pallet trucks. Powered materials handling equipment is known to greatly increase productivity in warehouses and other work environments. With powered lift, lower and drive, both the Panther Mini and Maxi reduce the time required for materials handling processes.

These two powered pallet trucks are narrower than a standard euro pallet and are ideal for use in confined areas. Control is an important factor when using powered materials handling equipment and the Panther Mini and Maxi both have easily adjustable settings for drive speed, acceleration and deceleration.

Using electric instead of manual materials handling equipment also has many safety benefits. Strain from pushing, pulling, turning and pumping the equipment is removed entirely and these sorts of movements are known to cause back injuries. Another great feature of the Panther Mini and Maxi is Logitrans’ iconic ergonomically correct handle. The handle ensures users have a relaxed hold and correct working position when controlling the equipment.

Check out the spec sheets available on our online shop for more information about the Logitrans Panther Mini and Logitrans Panther Maxi Powered Pallet Truck .

Logitrans Panther Powered Pallet Trucks

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