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Product Feature – Logitrans LT-TE and LT-TES Tilt Trucks

Logitrans LT-TE and LT-TES Tilt Trucks

The design of the Logitilt is focused on the safety and ergonomic working conditions of the user. The Logitilt can tilt crates up to a 90º angle, meaning the user does not have to bend down to reach the bottom of the crate. This feature is important as manual lifting and repetitive strain injuries are common in warehouse environments and it can help to reduce them.

There are several other built in safety features such as the ergonomically correct handle which can be turned to the side and locked, ensuring the user has free access to the contents of the crate. Other features include built in foot protectors, parking brake, safety valve and emergency stop.

For more information about the Logitilt or any other piece of materials handling equipment, check out the spec sheets available on our website – Logitrans LT-TE and LT-TES Tilt Trucks

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