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Powered and Electric Pallet Trucks

With so many Powered and Electric Pallet Trucks on the market finding the correct model for the job in hand can be quite a test for the customer.  Plus, now with the introduction of lithium-ion batteries

could our old lead acid and mono block Powered Pallet Trucks be a thing of a past?

The benefits of the new battery technology Electric Pallet Trucks are they are much cleaner, easier and quicker to charge and more environmentally friendly which is a huge plus as many countries and companies alike seek to achieve a greener working environment.

So back to the first question – Is which model is the one for us?  I find it’s best resolved by a site visit and demo or a trial machine being used at the customers’ site to ensure the right equipment is supplied to the customer.

To find out more about our range of Powered and Electric Pallet Trucks or to arrange a site visit. Please contact us on 01462 659180

Or email us at sales@nationwidehandling.co.uk

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