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Planned maintenance visits help towards 0% Accidents in the Workplace

Following our article regarding a clear need for planned maintenance, we would like to add the following points with reference to comments made as a way forward to achieving 0% accidents in the workplace.

It is the employer’s obligation to ensure they provide equipment that is fit for purpose and that it is serviced and maintained properly. It is also the employees and operators obligation to the company to make sure the weekly or pre shift checks are completed and that if there is a fault, that it is reported and followed up using the companies correct procedures.

Many times when our service engineers attend a site to complete a planned service visit, they find a pallet truck, stacker or other piece of materials handling equipment with serious faults that the shift or warehouse manager is not aware of. It is of paramount importance that all staff members involved are kept informed regarding damaged equipment as this can represent a serious health and safety issue.

If a company is looking to achieve 0% accidents in the workplace (which every materials handling or logistics company should), the companies employees and service providers all need to work together.

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