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Pallet Truck Safety

In recent years, many UK based companies have greatly improved their health and safety records (regarding materials handling equipment safety in particular) as figures show accidents in the workplace have dropped and awareness of pallet truck safety has increased . Using materials handling equipment has become significantly safer than it was ten years ago.

Statistics show however, that this rate of decline in accidents has stalled and on average, one worker is hospitalised every day due to an accident involving materials handling equipment. There is clearly a lot to learn from this and everyone in the workshop environment can do something to help prevent accidents.

At Nationwide Handling Ltd, three key points we focus on are pallet truck maintenance, repair and thorough examinations. These factors are of critical importance when it comes to safe working equipment and keeping your equipment in check is one of the best ways to stop avoidable accidents happening to you and your colleagues.

Injury is much more likely to occur to operators of damaged or ineffective materials handling equipment as handling of heavy or large objects is a high risk environment. It is the duty of everyone using materials handling equipment such as pallet trucks, stackers and high lifters to ensure that all the correct procedures are being followed and most importantly, that the equipment is safe to use.

The message is meant for all staff as everyone has to do their bit. Even if you directly are not operating the equipment, it is up to you to promote health and safety standards to everyone involved. 99% of the time it is more important for managers and supervisors to lead by example as the standard they accept and tolerate are what is considered normal.

Aside from the obvious damage carelessness can cause which involves serious fines and penalties, damage to equipment and stock can be even more expensive. Reckless use of materials handling equipment is always risky and can raises the cost of maintenance when there is damage beyond the normal wear and tear. If this damage is not dealt with regularly, you could be faced with replacing your equipment entirely.

Make sure regular maintenance and thorough examinations are something you concern yourself with to keep yourself covered, and more importantly, to keep your employees safe. Remember, pallet truck safety is paramount.

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