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Pallet Truck Repairs

The cost of a Pallet Truck throughout its lifetime can be greatly reduced with a regular service. Older trucks too can benefit you with a longer lifespan with this service. The next time you are considering scrapping your old Pallet Truck due to its age, give us a call and we will most likely be able to rescue it and save you money. Once our engineer is aware of any outstanding problems with the truck, he will use the tools and parts available in his fully equipped mobile workshop. 99% of Pallet Trucks can be repaired on site in one visit. Once the work is finished, you will receive a copy of the completed worksheet to confirm that you’re completely satisfied. All the necessary details of your truck and it’s service history will be added to our database to ensure that each repair is tailored to your needs. On the rare occasion that a truck has to be brought back to our main workshop, the engineer will discuss with you the options available and agree on suitable terms to fit around you. This type of repair rarely takes more than two to three days.

Nationwide Handling deal with Pallet Trucks and most types of Powered Pallet Trucks, Stackers and other types of Materials Handling Equipment and even if you didn’t buy the equipment from us, we can still perform a full inspection, service, repair and/or Thorough Examination on them.

Many Blue Chip companies such as Iron Mountain, Dairy Crest and Speedy Asset Services trust our servicing and maintenance to keep their Materials Handling Equipment in working order, so why not give us a try?

For more information on service, repair and maintenance or any other queries you have, please contact us on 0870 8502296 today!

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