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New or Used Pallet Trucks

When buying Pallet Trucks for your workforce, the hardest decision is often whether to buy brand new or second hand.

Pallet trucks are a huge factor in many workshop operations and making the correct decision is vital and committing time to this decision is always a good idea.

In today’s economic climate, budgeting and costs are on everyone’s mind. Second hand Pallet Trucks are often on sale for just a fraction of the original price, the only downside to this is that they can become more expensive over time as the manufacturer warranty has usually run out after 2 years.

The key to keeping Manual Handling Equipment in good shape is proper care and maintenance. At Nationwide Handling we recommend and can supply a regular service for your Pallet Trucks, this helps to ensure your equipment is being looked after in the right manner. This service is especially important for older Pallet Trucks to ensure they are kept within the highest Health and Safety standards according to the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (or LOLER 98) and the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (or PUWER 98).

This higher standard isn’t always easy to attain with a second hand truck as it is nearly impossible to know how it’s been used in the past. A brand new Pallet Truck is a clean sheet and avoids this problem.

Minor things such as new materials or modern gadgets such as weigh scales can be the deciding factor in this situation. Used Pallet Trucks, although initially cheaper, can be a false economy as the additional work required to keep them in good shape can add up to more than the original price difference quite quickly. It is this sort of thing that needs to be considered when striking a balance between saving money and maintaining an orderly and efficient workplace.

Please remember that all Pallet Trucks, no matter the age or condition, require a regular Thorough Examination. Call us on 0870 8502296 for more information.

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