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Keep in line with LOLER and PUWER – Safety first again at IMHX

Keeping in line with LOLER and PUWER is a key component to health and safety for materials handling companies, the Design 4 Safety Awards were created specifically with this in mind.

The unveiling of the ‘Design 4 Safety’ shortlist at IMHX reveals the efforts that businesses place on ensuring the safety of staff in their workplace.

When the Awards were first introduced at IMHX 2010, the focus was exclusively on designed-in safety. The winning products reflected a mix of innovation and common sense which not only helped prevent accidents, but also took away from of the physical stresses and strains which workers were often expected to put up with in their line of work.

In the automotive industry, this is often quoted: Q – What’s the most unsafe part of a car? A – The nut behind the wheel.

In the logistics and materials handling industries, the same also applies: if the piece of equipment is being operated incorrectly or used for inappropriate tasks, no amount of built-in safety can make it totally fail-safe or idiot-proof.

So, this year the Awards have again attracted a broad mix of entries, with the addition of a further category to recognize Safety Practices in the workplace. Training and careful use go a long way in materials handling, especially when dealing with large or heavy loads. Equally, operating well maintained trucks is essential in preventing downtime in the workplace.

Whichever of the 18 short-listed entries is announced as the overall winner at IMHX on 22nd March, there will be one guaranteed winner – safety in the workplace.

Be sure you keep in line with LOLER & PUWER

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