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How often should my truck have a Thorough Examination?

Customers are often surprised that trucks in certain applications require a more frequent examination schedule. While increasing the regularity of Thorough Examinations may potentially seem like an imposition on customers and they may be hesitant, it’s vitally important to keep to TE best practice timescales to ensure the truck is safe to use.

  1. A truck working up to 40 hours a week (including attachments fitted to the truck) should have a 12-month interval between inspections.

  2. Attachments not permanently fitted to the truck: every 6 months.

  3. Trucks which have an elevated operator position or trucks used for lifting personnel in a personnel work platform: inspection intervals of no more than 6 months.

  4. Any truck working 80 hours+ a week: 4-month intervals.

  5. It’s also a 4-month interval for any truck working in arduous environments such as:

  6. Marine environments

  7. Corrosive chemical environments

  8. Metal Manufacturing or processing

  9. Cement/aggregate processing or where abrasive particulates are present

  10. Brine processes

  11. Cold stores

  12. These are minimum inspection frequency timescales and the competent person may recommend a more frequent regime if other concerns exist.

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