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How a Maintenance Plan can save you money

Materials Handling Equipment is some of the toughest and hardest working equipment that money can buy, so it’s very important to keep it in good shape. It’s exactly

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Is it safe?   Is it serviceable?

The answer to both of these questions always needs to be yes, especially when your equipment is in constant use. However it’s not only for health and safety that this is important. Regular maintenance is proven to be the most cost effective way to run a fleet of handling equipment because minor annoyances can become major problems when ignored.

A Maintenance Plan will not only save you money in this way, but also greatly reduces the chance of extensive down time on hard working materials handling equipment. If your pallet truck or stacker has broken down, many working hours of your staff are wasted manually moving boxes, pallets and other heavy objects.

The best preventative measure to avoid unexpected breakdowns is to keep your equipment in a serviceable condition by having a regular service in place.

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