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Galvanised vs Stainless Environments

Both Stainless Steel and Galvanised equipment is available from Logitrans but how can you decide which one you need?

Logitrans Galvanised equipment uses special treated materials which make it ideal for industries like the Pharmaceutical and Food industries. This equipment works best in dry or moist environments but is not intended to be wet all the time. Galvanised equipment can handle gentle cleaning with neutral (PH7) water when necessary. Logitrans Galvanised equipment has a much longer lifetime than standard pallet trucks when used in damp environments.

Fully Stainless Steel equipment can be used in the same environments as Galvanised equipment however it is also suitable for very aggressive, cleaning and wet environments. Fully Stainless Steel equipment is ideal for the Food, Meat and Dairy industries. This equipment can handle being wet most of the time, even when wet due to liquid dissolutions (acid, base or brine).

For more information regarding Stainless Steel or Galvanised equipment, check out the spec sheets available on our website.

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