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EP MAXIMIN Series Electric Pallet Truck

Take away the pain of pallet truck strain!

This season EP has launched the new MAXIMIN series electric pallet truck with competitive performance, high quality and a very attractive price. The idea behind the MAXIMIN Series is to use minimum truck to create maximum performance and efficiency, meanwhile save energy, save human force, save material and save cost!

For many years, moving heavy or awkward loads with a Hand Pallet Truck has caused major problems with regards to health and safety, load safety and many other manual handling issues. These issues become more prominent when using a Hand Pallet Truck on the back of a lorry or when there are slopes and ramps to navigate. In these environments, using a Hand Pallet Truck can be hard going or even potentially hazardous!

Electric Pallet Truck

Now there is a solution, the all new MAXIMIN!

The power lift and drive features of the MAXIMIN ensures that moving heavy loads within awkward and hazardous applications is effortless. Its ergonomic performance and design enables high efficiency, time and energy saving in an easy to operate machine. The MAXIMIN features automatic lifting and lowering at the touch of a button, plus a powered drive system to enhance its operational capabilities. Compact, innovative design means it’s no larger than a standard Hand Pallet Truck, this ensures it is easy to use in confined areas or on the back of a lorry. The Maximin’s high quality assembly allows it to lift an impressive 1500kg. It’s semi-enclosed elegant design allows for it to be assembled and dismantles with ease. These two features compliment it’s size and ability to maneuver properly in compact areas and also allow the user optimum control when turning.

Check out the all new MAXIMIN Electric Pallet Truck today.

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