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Anti Dumping Duty – Will it price out China imports of pallet trucks?

 Anti Dumping Duty – Good or bad for Pallet truck imports from China?

With the new anti dumping duty due to be imposed this may mean many companies and their customers are likely to be affected.

As from May 2013, all hand pallet trucks manufactured from China will have a 70.1% duty imposed if imported to European countries including the UK. Pallet truck prices will inevitably rise but by how much remains to be seen.

With this in mind, many UK companies will be affected because it will no longer be cost effective to purchase pallet trucks from China. This most likely means they will be forced to source a new supply chain elsewhere.

It is mainly SME’s that import these goods from China so is the duty really helping the industry or hindering the companies involved by forcing them to raise their prices or have a costly and very time consuming exercise in finding another supplier.

The duty is supposed to bring in line the cost of cheap imports with pallet trucks produced in the European union but in this current economic climate and with the country nearly in recession again, is the duty destroying the very business it is designed to protect?

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